Hair Services


when you come to our salon,we just don’t want to give you a haircut.we always try to make some change in your look.So to make you feel special and different from before.

Consultation: Our stylist will hear your concern for Haircut and problem you are going through .Then according to it will choose the haircut and proceed.

Process: our expertise Hairdresser and our professional tools will help you to achive the look the way you want.

Afterhaircut: Once the haircut is done our Hairdresser will guide you to achieve the same look at home by sharing our styling Secret to you

1) Classic Haircut
2) Fade Haircut
3) Low Fade Haircut
4) High Fade Haircut
5) Long layered Haircut
6) Razor Fade Haircut
7) Side parted Haircut
8) Customized Haircut


Grow the beard, Don’t let it grow on you
Our professional barber will give you a sharp and trendy beard look.
1) Beard trimming
2) Beard styling

Hair tattoo

“Dare to be Different ”
Yes you heard it right.
You want to add funk to your look?
Our creative Hairdresser will make you stand out in crowd out there.

1) Razor Stroke
2) Customized Hairtattoo
3) Free hand Hairtattoo
4) Alphabetical Hairtattoo

Hair Wash:

On those lazy days when you don’t want to wash you hair at home.
Our stylist will give
You Mini head massage which will not only make you relax but it will make you hair look softer and shinier with the help of our professional hair line products.

Wash and Styling:

when you are going out for Meeting, Date,Function,Party etc . We make sure you look at your best. As we believe in “First impression is last”

Champi (oil massage) :

In your day to day hectic and buzy lifestyle . you need a break and our expert techniques of head massage will make you sleep and will make all your stress go away.

Hair spa:

we always suggest out client to do Hair spa atleast once in a month. so that they can maintain their natural elasticity, shine, and smoothness in your hair.

1) Anti dandruff Hair spa
2) Anti Hairfall Hair spa
3) Anti Dryness Hair spa


Once you are done with your same and boring Haircolor. We will help you to bring out new you. Be it natural colour for grey hair coverage or shade change to change the reflects fo your hair.

Grey coverage
Classic Shades / Reflects


Every one like twist in their life journey.Add some highlights shade to create some texture and movement in your hair

Cap Highlight
Horshoe Highlights
Weaving Highlights

Protein and permanent treatment

Are you fedup by Styling your hair everyday to make it look healthy , Shiner and presentable.
We have a P2 (protein and permanent) treatment for you .

Keratine and Cystine Treatment

If you have dull ,dry ,frizzy and unmanageable hair.
And at same time you don’t have time for everyday blow dry to make it look healthy Keratin is the best option.As it is a protein treatment and it doesn’t have any type of chemicals in it. So this treatment will you achieve after blow dry look for next 3-4 months*.
After doing this treatment you are ready to go. Anywhere – Anytime.

Straightening/Relaxing/Smoothening/Re-bonding :-

If you have very thick and and unmanageable hair. Then this permanent treatment is an option. As after this treatment your hair will be permanently the way you want.


In today’s buzy and hectic lifestyle, alongside so much of pollution and dirt around you. One need to take care of their skin. To maintain the natural skin tone and glow of skin.
Our professional beauty product will help you to achieve your goals.

1) Bleach:- Say no to darker skin tone.
If your skin tone is going dark because of everyday travelling , And if the reason is sun and bad air around you.
Our Professional Bleach will help you to reduce the layer of Dark skin.

2) Scrub:- BYE BLACK AND WHITE HEADS? our natural skin pores which is meant to extract natural oil and sweat get covered with dirt and small particles as sometime it may result into pimple and boils. So With the help of Scrub massage and steam… we open your pores to remove black and white heads from your skin. To make it look more natural.

3) Face massage:- Everyone need pampering.
If you are facing dry skin issue.we have a solution. For it
So when you get a face massage done . you help your blood circulate in proper flow with the combination of which add glow to your face.

4) De-tan :- Is your lifestyle and work is making you go out in sun. Which may cause your skin get tanned.our De-tan therapy will help you reduce the tan layer from your skin and tighten your skin.

5) Facial :- Are you looking for all in one .
Then facial is the right choice. As it will reduce the tan , remove your black and white heads , nourish your skin, and make it more tighten.

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